The term of the US v. Microsoft antitrust settlement of 2002 has expired.

TheTC is now closed.

Information regarding the various pleadings in the United States v. Microsoft Corporation case can be found on the US Department of Justice website.

The TC was formed as a part of the settlement reached in the Microsoft antitrust case between the Plaintiffs - the United States and the states of New York, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin - and the defendant, the Microsoft Corporation.

The original Final Judgement in the case, entered by the United States District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the District of Columbia in November, 2002, mandated the creation of a three person Technical Committee to assist in both monitoring compliance and enforcing the terms of the settlement. That Judgement was subsequently modified. An up to date version can be found here.

What was the Technical Committee (TheTC)?